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External Angle Aluminum Tile Trim, also known as the external corner line closing strip or external corner strip, is a decorative line used for the treatment of 90-degree convex corner of ceramic tile. It takes the bottom plate as the surface and makes a 90-degree fan-shaped arc surface on one side.

External Angle Aluminum Tile Trim is mainly suitable for ceramic tile and stone decoration treatment of 90-degree corner. The product can save the working time and cost of cutting or grinding the corner of ceramic tile and stone decoration, avoid the scrapping loss of 45-degree beveled edge of ceramic tile by cutting machine, the harsh noise and flying dust when working, optimize the construction environment, solve the decoration corner problems, improve the decoration taste, and create a perfect decoration space.

External Angle Aluminum Tile Trim can be used to decorate the corner as well as the edge, such as the top line of the skirt, the edge of the anchor line, etc. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy ceramic tile corner line is specially used for the decoration of tile paving wall corner in decoration engineering. The ceramic tile is pasted on the wall through the special paste hole of ceramic tile corner line, so as to form a beautiful arc surface at the wall corner.
Custom Aluminum Tile Trim

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