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What are builder foods? Constructive foods are those that have the function of helping to build muscle tissues in the body. They are generally foods rich in protein and that, naturally, help an athlete to increase hypertrophy or people in general to gain more muscle in training or sports practices.
Many people, instead of looking for the necessary amounts of proteins present in food, choose to take supplements with these compounds to stimulate and accelerate the muscle-building process, however, it is known that through the consumption of certain foods it can be achieved the desired effect in a healthy and risk-free way.
The need for protein that a person needs to keep his body fully functioning and improve muscle building varies. In fact, a child needs much more protein than an adult, for example, because he is growing, that is, building his body.
Adults need protein to repair worn tissue, renew skin, repair bone fractures and heal wounds or increase muscle mass.
Pregnant women should also increase the consumption of constructive foods during the nine months of gestation to help form the baby.
Best Food Builders
Achieving an ideal body tone does not only imply constant attendance at the gym and rigorous execution of the training program. There is always a good diet behind a good workout.
Training and diet work in synergy, if one of the two factors is missing, there is no effort that can give results.
Compared to diet, your main concern should be the adequate intake of quality protein, carbohydrates and essential fats in the correct measure, leaving aside any type of refined sugar and artificial ingredients. If your problem is limiting yourself to the world of chicken breast and brown rice, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because there are alternatives that can help you improve performance and build muscle.
If it is your goal to build more muscles, find out below what are the builder foods and the best options when it comes to muscle repair.
1. Cottage cheese
This cheese comes from curd and is rich in casein, a slow-digesting protein that supplies growing muscles with a constant supply of vital amino acids.
It can be an ideal food to eat before going to bed, because it is during the night that the muscles are repaired. However, cottage cheese is high in sodium, so it's important to keep an eye on nutrition labels for brands that contain less sodium. Protein: 14 g per serving (1.5 cup).
2. Eggs
The eggs are ideal food for daily consumption builders. That's because the amount of protein an egg supplies is higher than any other food available on the market. It is one of the best foods that provide protein for muscle building.
Its high biological value is evidenced by the amount of essential amino acids that the food has. The egg is rich in albumin, a compound that is used in food supplements for muscle repair.
The ideal is to consume an egg a day. He prefers to consume the boiled egg or as an omelette, because it is healthier than fried. Protein: 6 g in a large egg. Always check with your nutritionist to find out the exact amounts that are recommended depending on your state of health or conditions.
3. Milk
Milk is a reliable source of high-level protein with a lower biological value than that found in an egg. But even so, it is still an important food for the diet, since it contains a certain amount of fat that helps the body absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin D.
Cows fed on farms using sustainable organic farming methods can produce milk with more nutrients and beneficial fats for the body. Protein: 8 g in 1 cup.
4. Smoothies
Homemade smoothies are high-protein drinks that can be prepared based on different fruits. These drinks are good options when looking for what are building foods, since we can choose the best combinations to provide us with even more protein
The shakes can be consumed post-workout or before bed, because they accelerate muscle growth. However, if you want to avoid gaining weight, you may prefer to consume only whey protein which, unlike fruits, does not contain sugar. Protein: 16 g each 1 cup.
It is necessary to mention that the combination of fruits in smoothies and smoothies provides glucose, therefore, the best option in case of having diabetes, is to opt for the consumption of peeled or peeled fruits but chew them, to avoid losing their natural fiber to be processed, and in that way impacts the rise in blood glucose.
5. Lean meat
Lean-cut meats can supply up to 1 g of protein for every 7 calories. The fattiest cuts provide 1 g of protein for every 11 calories.
Lean cuts of red meat and tenderloin are the first answer for anyone who wants to know what builder foods are. They are the most suitable for repairing and strengthening muscles, because they provide a good amount of protein to the body. Protein: 23 g in 85 g.
6. Greek yogurt
The Greek yogurt provides up to twice the protein than traditional versions. You will also benefit from the probiotic bacteria present in yogurt that aid intestinal transit and provide calcium for bone building. Also, Greek yogurt can contain up to three times less sugar than other types. Protein: 23 g in a 226-gram serving.
Analyze the nutritional information when shopping. Many Greek yogurts have practically the same nutritional information, just by changing the consistency.
7. Chicken breast (boneless and skinless)
Chicken breast provides more protein than other cuts of poultry, so it should be a frequent choice for consumption.
It can be used in soups, roasted with potatoes in the oven, fillet with spices and seasonings, breaded or washed down with some kind of sauce, or even out of date for filling various dishes, sliced or used for the preparation of patés. Protein: 24 g each 85 g.
8. Turkey breast
Like chicken, turkey provides a large amount of protein in one sitting. It can be used in soups, roasted with potatoes in the oven, fillet with spices and seasonings, breaded or washed down with some kind of sauce, or even out of date for filling various dishes, sliced or used to prepare patés It is necessary to try to get organic chicken, bone, without antibiotics or hormones. Protein: 24 g each 85 g.
9. Natural tuna
This fish is easily digestible and provides quality protein. You will also benefit from the healthy amount of B vitamins and antioxidant selenium present in fish. Protein: 25 g each 85 g.
10. Sole
Among the species of white meat, sole is the supreme king when looking for what are building foods. An 85-gram serving contains only 2 g of fat, making sole a healthy, low-calorie meal. Protein: 23 g each 85 g.
11. Oilseeds
Oilseeds such as peanuts, cashew nuts or almonds provide more protein and healthy unsaturated fats for your diet. If you need to avoid large amounts of sodium, choose the unsalted options. Protein: approximately 6 g per 56 g.
12. Sockeye salmon
Sockeye salmon, also called wild salmon, provides 25% more protein than traditional salmon and also has a stronger, more flavorful flavor. In addition, you can benefit from other factors, since the number of fatty acids in salmon provides omega-3s to the body. When buying salmon, look for those with whole skin, because it adds more flavor to cooking. Protein: 23 g each 85 g.
13. Tilapia
Generally available in most fish markets, tilapia is an inexpensive fish, different from salmon, and with a mild flavor. Tilapia can be an excellent option, as it also provides protein for muscle building, being a building food. Select those raised in nurseries, because they are healthier. It can be prepared breaded or baked washed with lemon and seasonings or with a sauce. Protein: 21 g each 85 g.
14. Anchovies
When it comes to protein, anchovies are the best foods to consume. Because of their size it is smaller than other fish, they also differ by accumulating less toxins than other larger fish. Even the canned version can be healthy to eat, although it is always better to avoid canned foods. To reduce the amount of salt, you can leave the sauce anchovies in water for half an hour, then simply drip and pat dry to prepare various recipes. Protein: 24 g each 85 g.
15. White beans
Beans are an important source of protein, especially white beans. One glass also provides 13 g of fiber to the body. Protein: 20 g each 85 g.
16. Lentils
Lentils are important proteins for consumption and are foods that build muscles. They can be consumed as a substitute for beans or soups. It also contains a large amount of vital fibers and minerals. It is very easy to prepare, you just have to boil in a pot with water until soft for about 20 minutes. It can be added to lemon vinaigrette, in vegetables and salads. Protein: 13 g each 1.5 glass.
17. Roast beef
Roast beef is one of the lighter options for consumption, as well as having a large amount of protein in a small amount of meat. Look for versions that avoid the use of nitrites or nitrates, as high consumption is linked to cancer. Protein: 18 g each 85 g.A permanent solution to neuropathy and other inflammatory nerve-related conditions is what ‘Nerve Control 911’ is claiming to provide. It is estimated that over 20 million Americans suffer from some form of nerve damage that is associated with occasional tingling or burning sensations, feeling of pins and needles, shooting or stabbing pain, etc on their limbs. Over time, these conditions could progress into major complications such as serious infections and even amputations. Nerve Control 911


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