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Power inverter 6000Watts Modified Sine type 12V 24V 48V DC to 110V 220V AC with LCD Display
3000 Watts continuous power and 6000 Watts surge power., featuring 1 universal AC sockets, 1 intelligent cooling fan ,1 USB charging port and 2 digital displays.The modified sine wave inverter is ideal for charging laptop, fan, game console, kindle, TV, Christmas lights, Breast Pump and Ideal for use on vacations, work trips, home or outdoors for emergency, outdoor activities, camping and power failure emergencies. Featured with 2 digital displays,which not only can let users know AC/DC voltage, power ,temperature etc, but also know failure cause via error codes. When the inverter works abnormally, it will be remind by digital displays,indicator light and alarm
Specification of Power Inverter 6000 Watts
Output Waveform:Modified Sine Wave
Rated Power: 3000W
Peak Power: 6000W
USB Port: 5V 2.1A
Output voltage: AC100/110/120/220/230/240
Input voltage:DC12/24/48/60/90/110
N. W.:2.8KGS
Daily use of Power Inverter 6000 Watts
1. The 220V electricity obtained by the inverter in the car is 220V 50HZ, the high-end ones are sine waves, and the cheap ones are generally square waves.
The sine wave type is the same as the electricity used on the socket, and the square wave type can actually be used, but if you use a fan and other equipment with a motor, there will be some noise. The reason why the square wave is used is The cost of this modulation method is relatively low. In general, the maximum power of this vehicle-mounted inverter is no more than 500 watts, and the air conditioner is generally more than 700 watts. Moreover, do you really want to install household air-conditioning in the vehicle? The air conditioners in automobiles, including those in buses, let the engine directly drive the compressor instead of using electricity. If there is an additional electric conversion process in the middle, the loss will be even greater. And it's not easy to install, it's better to use car air conditioners.
2. Connect laptops, TVs, disc players, etc., as long as they are used at their rated power, there is no problem, but it should be noted that he is connected to the car battery, although it is usually 11V and automatically protects it from power failure. Avoid the low voltage causing the car to fail to start, but it is still not suitable for use when the engine is not running, so if the load is relatively large, it is recommended to start the engine. If it is to charge the phone, there is no problem.
3. On electric vehicles, there is a module called DC-DC, which is also called a DC converter. This module inputs 48V and outputs 12V, so you only need to buy a 12V input car inverter to use it. Of course, if you can buy a 48V input inverter, it is better, but it is estimated that it is difficult to buy. Moreover, this module generally can only provide 5A current, and the maximum is 10A. Moreover, car lights and other things are also used, so it is easy to overload. It is recommended that if you can, buy an extra DC converter, this converter is dedicated to power your inverter, and if the DC converter can only provide 5A, then the inverter input should be less than 5A, otherwise the module may be damaged Of course, some DC converters have high currents. If there is no place to repair the car, you can go to some electrical appliance stores or ask them to repair them to give you a large current, or multiple DC converters in parallel can also be used. In short, Don't overload him.
4. There is a vvvf traction inverter on urban rail vehicles, which is used for frequency conversion and voltage transformation. When the train is traction, the high voltage (usually dc750V or DC1500V) is changed into three-phase power with adjustable frequency and voltage to supply the traction electric motor. During braking, the three-phase electric energy generated by the inertia of the train driving the rotation of the traction motor can be converted into direct current and fed back to the grid or consumed by the energy consumption module.
Main Features of Power Inverter 6000 Watts:
1. It is easier to find input voltage, output voltage, output power and error codes from digital displays.
2. It has 6 error codes: P-1 means OVER-LOAD ; P-2 means LOW-INPUT VOLTAGE ;P-3 means HIGH-INPUT VOLTAGE; P-4 means OVER HEAT ;P-5 means SHORT CIRCUIT; P-6 means SYSTEM ERROR
3. Except 6 error codes, we also can find fail cause from indicator lights
(Slow Flash means flashing every 2 seconds, Quick Flash means flashing every 1 second)
Red Light Flashes Slowly: OVER-LOAD PROTECTION
Red and Green Lights Flash Alternately: OVER HEAT PROTECTION
Red and Green Lights Flash Simultaneously: SYSTERM ERROR
4. USB CHARGING PORT: It is great for Christmas gift, charging string lights, laptop, speakers, camera, nebulizer, game console, kindle, iPad and other
5. Built-in cooling fan
6. There are 6 kinds of intelligent protection which can protect your electrical equipment considerately.
Operation method of Power Inverter 6000 Watts
How to use car inverter
1. Insert the car inverter into the car cigarette lighter socket, and check the tightness between the plug and the socket when inserting it. When it is too loose, spread the shrapnel on both sides of the plug and insert it into the cigarette lighter socket.
2. Confirm whether the power indicator of the car inverter is on.
3. Insert the power plug of the electrical appliance to be used into the socket of the vehicle power converter.
Application of Power Inverter 6000 Watts:
Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity!Simply connect the Power Inverter with a Battery and then connect to electrical appliances.Modified Sine Wave Inverters manufacturers


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