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01-07-21 3 Hits

We talked about what to eat to ski and snowboard and how we should eat to enjoy our days in the snow to the fullest.
A few days ago, we reviewed what we should eat before and after exercising, but if there is a sport par excellence typical of the dates we are in and that many of you will probably take advantage of to practice it in the next Easter holidays, it is skiing. That is why we are going to dedicate a special post to talk about what to eat to ski and snowboard and, in general, to everything we should eat to fully enjoy our days in the snow.
Unlike other sports, when it comes to skiing, the normal thing is that we are talking about very intense and long days, because as normally we do not have the opportunity to enjoy the snow more than a few days a year, when we go We usually spend most of the day on the slopes, which is a significant energy expenditure for which we have to be well prepared.
What to eat to ski and snowboard: The days before
In the days before skiing, it is advisable to follow a diet rich in carbohydrates to have good glycogen reserves. The best diet for these days is to eat pasta, potatoes or rice accompanied by lean proteins such as fish, chicken, turkey or rabbit. It is also advised to take fruits and vegetables to increase minerals and vitamins. As examples of recipes to prepare before a vacation in the snow we can mention the light rabbit stew with artichokes, the chicken breast with mandarin sauce or the very easy baked fish.
Once we get to the snow and, during the days we are there, it will be normal to get up early to take advantage of the hours of more light on the slopes, but the rush should not prevent us from making a good breakfast in which we will include carbohydrates (bread wholemeal, cereals, fruit ...), lean proteins (milk, yogurt, low-fat cheese, ham, eggs, ...) and some "good" fats (extra virgin olive oil, nuts, ...)
What to eat for skiing: The best food to take to the slopes
To avoid wasting time going down to eat at the station, it is important to know what is the best food to take to the ski slopes that allows us to have enough energy throughout the day.
Talking about take-out food to the ski slopes, the most appropriate thing to do is bring small portions of food that provide us with energy the moment we begin to notice symptoms of fatigue. When this happens, you have to take a break –every hour or an hour and a half of activity- and eat some solid and energetic food that contains carbohydrates such as cookies, ounces of chocolate, energy bars, bread with seeds and nuts, juices, bananas or other fruits, energy drinks that combine juice and milk, etc. With this we can continue to maintain the exercise rhythm without fatigue. It is also very important to hydrate well by drinking water or juices at least every hour.
What to eat for skiing and snowboarding: After the day in the snow
Soups are recommended, as they comfort and help regain body temperature and fluids lost during the day. Carbohydrates are also necessary to replenish glycogen and lean proteins for muscle recovery. It is important to eat well, but not to have a too large dinner that causes heavy digestion and prevents us from resting properly at night.
Do you like snow sports? Do you have any more recommendations on what to eat for skiing?

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