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The plank challenge is a popular challenge that exercise enthusiasts have been doing to the fullest for 28 days and has been adopted by many people lately because it helps remove belly and back fat. This 28-day plank challenge only has 1 exercise that you have to do each day, with the difference that the time spent doing the exercise increases slowly day by day to help build in your core, the muscle strength of the body little by little. little, ensuring that you will be able to complete the last day of the challenge with ease.
Remove belly and back fat with the plank challenge
You only have to do the amount of time that is done in the 28-day plank challenge each day, however if you are feeling brave then you can repeat each challenge as many times as you wish - however, remember that day 28 will be very difficult to do multiple times.
Take on this 28-day challenge and tone and build your core muscles to the max.
28-day plank challenge to remove belly fat
• In the first two days, the goal is to hold the plank for 20 seconds. Take it up to 30 seconds on days 3 and 4.
• On day 5, aim for 40 seconds.
• Take a break on day 6 and then on days 7 and 8, hold the plank for 45 seconds.
• On days 9-11, hold it for a full minute.
• On the 12th, the goal of the plank is to hold it for a total of 90 seconds.
• Day 13 will be another rest day before resuming with 90 seconds on days 14 and 15.
• When the 16th and 17th come, the goal is 120 seconds.
• On day 18, you will hold the plank for 150 seconds and take day 19 off.
• On days 20 and 21, hold it for 150 seconds.
• Days 22 and 23 180 seconds. Day 24 is when it is held for 210 seconds.
• Take day 25 off and do 210 seconds on day 26.
• The day 27 is 240 seconds and at 28, for as long as possible.
If it's so simple, how does it work?
The plank works the abs, obliques, back and hips. Compared to abdominals, it is more effective in toning the abdomen. In fact, plank strengthens the entire body as it activates the muscles not only in the core, but the extremities as well. If there is one exercise move that you should add to your routine, it is the plank. Now make sure you are doing things right.

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