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02-04-21 3 Hits

In recent weeks, acne cases have skyrocketed among adults due to stress and changes in diet caused by the situation caused by the coronavirus
Many people have seen acne reoccurring on their face during confinement. It seems very strange that at a time when makeup is hardly used and the exposure of the skin to external aggressions, such as the sun or pollution, has been greatly reduced, there is again breakouts of pimples, dry skin and other skin conditions. And more when we are not old enough to suffer it!
The explanation is very simple; acne has many causes beyond age so it is not a problem that only affects teenagers. The constant stress and anxiety situation in which we have been immersed due to the uncertainty of the moment has caused our body to respond by releasing cortisol, a hormone responsible for acne breakouts.
It has also put together another factor, being housebound our habits of eating have changed, and often not in a positive way, falling into eating disorders that can aggravate the appearance of acne.
From Vozpópuli we are going to pay attention to this resurgence of acne outbreaks that is affecting the adult population during the months of confinement and de-escalation. Knowing the problem thoroughly, we can come up with the best ways to prevent it and the ideal products to solve it.
Causes of acne during confinement
Acne is a very common skin disease and although it is typical of adolescence, more and more people suffer from it in adulthood. In addition, during the quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been one of the most recurrent consultations with the experts, as confirmed by Rocío Escalante, head of Arbosana Farmacia.
Among the causes of increased acne, the expert cites stress and anxiety. "We have all experienced, to a greater or lesser extent, insecurity and concern for our health or that of our relatives, also for work and the possible consequences of this crisis. Stress is a fundamental factor in the development of acne or in its worsening ".
Diet also influences acne
In addition, the pharmacist points out that "diet also influences acne. Maintaining healthy habits for so many days is complicated and it is normal to have fallen into temptations and whims, abusing sweets or fatty foods, which can be behind an acne outbreak”.
Finally, another cause of acne during confinement could be the cosmetics itself, since " abusing nourishing creams and masks if our skin is oily or mixed may have caused pimples". 
How to fight acne breakouts?
We explain several simple and quick steps to apply to take care of our skin during these days and prevent the appearance of acne or reduce its impact thanks to the recommendations of Rocío Escalante, expert in dermocosmetics, and Patricia Castro, head of Laboratorios BABÉ.
Hygiene. It is important to cleanse the skin in the morning and at night with specific cleansers for combination and oily skin that include purifying and mild active ingredients in their formulation. We must choose products "that are respectful with our skin to favor the barrier function, we must avoid those too aggressive cleaners" explains Patricia Castro.
Exfoliation. Beyond daily cleaning, once a week you have to carry out a deeper action with an exfoliator or a mask that must also be indicated for acne, oily or combination skin. "It is convenient to use an intensive exfoliant with a sebum-regulating effect enriched with glycolic acid for deep cell renewal."
Hydration. We must maintain the good hydration of our face with moisturizers with sebum-regulating action so that they limit the production of fat but keep the skin hydrated. It is a mistake to think that any cream will adversely affect pimples. "Once we clean it, it is very important to regain the balance of our skin."
Light emulsion that moisturizes and mattifies the skin while regulating oil production and preventing the appearance of blemishes.  PVP: € 16.50
Light emulsion that hydrates and mattifies the skin while regulating oil production and preventing the appearance of blemishes. PVP: 16.50 € Babé
Sun protection. It is essential not to forget about it by choosing oil free sun creams.
A scar will be more difficult to remove than the pimple
The treatment. If our skin is already suffering the consequences of acne, we must take action with specific products for it. We always have to remember that it is better to treat the grain with a drying product than to handle it to eliminate it. The scar that we could produce in the long run will be more difficult to remove than the pimple itself.
Acne in adults
To learn more about acne in adults, we interviewed Dr. Ernesto Pérez Hernández, aesthetic doctor at Clinica FEMM.
QUESTION. Why does acne appear in adults? What are the most common causes?
REPLY.  Unlike juvenile acne, when many small pimples appear, in adults the acne is usually of the obstructive type. The fat generated by the glands clogs the pores so that bacteria proliferate creating an infectious and inflammatory process. There are also other possible causes, such as stress, hormonal status and the use of cosmetics or some medications.
Q. How do external agents affect acne?
A. Tobacco smoke can trigger acne or aggravate pre-existing acne. However, exposure to the sun, negative for the skin, can be good for acne due to the antiseptic properties of ultraviolet rays.
Q. What foods can affect its appearance?
A. Although certain foods have always been mentioned as harmful to acne, there is no proof that a particular food can be the cause of its appearance. But it will be better to eat low-fat foods.
It is recommended to go to a specialist when acne lasts more than a month
Q. How can we identify if we are starting to have an acne problem or are just a few loose pimples?
A. It is recommended to go to a specialist when acne lasts for more than a month and when there are pimples in different phases: some with pus, others red and others like blackheads.
Q What would be the best treatment?
A. To put a treatment you always have to make a diagnosis first, since we have many options. Some of them are medications based on vitamin A or antibiotics, others are antiseptic creams, and other times we do peels with salicylic or glycolic acid or laser treatments.
Another type of acne: cosmetic
The so-called cosmetic acne is caused by certain chemical components of cosmetic products that can worsen an existing acne or be the cause of its appearance. To be able to solve it, we must change our beauty routine and bet on natural elements that do not alter the natural balance of the skin.
This type of acne is the one suffered by Natalia Olmo, creator of the natural cosmetics firm Maminat. When he was diagnosed, he was aware of the high prices of natural cosmetics and, after several years studying the benefits of the nature of the skin, he managed to end his acne and decided to create his own brand in which products for all types are found. of skins, from the fattest to the driest.
The passion for nature goes beyond the formulation of its products. The brand does not test with animals, its containers are reusable and its labels are made of mineral paper that helps fight tree felling. In addition, none of its raw materials are plants or essential oils in danger of extinction.
Products to fight acne
For faces with impurities that need to balance the production of sebum, Sileä has created Balance Cream, a formula that, in addition to treating skin prone to acne and impurities throughout the year, prevents the breakouts of pimples that usually appear after summer.
To achieve a skin with less shine and free of imperfections, it has among its active principles Aloe Vera, Shea oil and urea that improve hydration and soothe the skin, zinc oxide, which has a drying effect, and green tea and licorice that works as anti-inflammatory and firming.
From the Forever brand they invite us to fight acne both from the inside and the outside. We achieve the first thing thanks to BeePropilis, tablets that are taken before each meal to promote blood circulation so that all the nutrients reach the skin cells perfectly.
To take care of ourselves from the outside, we can use the Aloe Biocelluose Mask once or twice a week. Its use activates circulation and balances the pH of the skin, favoring cleaning, nutrition and the closing of the pores to prevent dirt from being deposited in them.
Mi Rebotica's acne caps are capsules that are specifically indicated for oily skin prone to acne. They maintain the optimal conditions of the facial skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to rebalancing its flora and eliminating harmful toxins. Just take one capsule a day to notice repaired skin with a smoother appearance and without blemishes.
After all, that we have talked about, there is no need to worry if in the last few weeks you have noticed an increase in acne on your face. It can be temporary and end as soon as we return to the usual routine or, if not, put ourselves in the hands of experts to advise us on the best treatment.

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